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"Driving Inclusive Digital Banking"





FCS Members and attendees at today's event are invited use Texthelp's newest product ReachDeck for free for 30 days, or if you’d like a free consultation and website review with one of Texthelp’s accessibility specialists, please email Stuart Blair at [email protected]. ReachDeck provides, among other things, a scanning tool for your website which reports on both technical accessibility issues and also on the readability of your content. So one scan will tell you the compliance errors that need to be fixed, along with the reading age of your content, your use of jargon, long sentences and more.


The FCS is proud to partner with Texthelp to present a virtual event on digital accessiblity called "Driving Inclusive Digital Banking."

Inclusive and accessible digital experiences are more important now than ever before. Over the past year the digital world has quickly evolved. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to people using the internet more often and for more reasons. It has also sped up the need for financial services to be primarily online, or 'digital by default.' This change has impacted disabled and older web users more than most.

Our panel discussion will feature senior digital marketing experts:

  • Aaron Lenehan, Executive Director, Head of Experience Design, Morgan Stanley
  • Dominic Maher, Digital Accessibility Consultant, J.P. Morgan
  • Stuart Blair, Accessibility Product Manager, Texthelp

Our moderator is Ahmed Yearwood, Owner & Founder of Y INTERACT and Creative Lead, Custom Solutions & Integration at Princeton University. Ahmed is also a longstanding FCS Board Director and co-chair of the FCS Race for Kids annual charity fundraiser in Stowe, Vermont.

The panel will speak to critical issues, including:

  • ADA and the legal requirements around accessibility and digital inclusion
  • How their brands are embracing an inclusive digital experience, supporting all their customers
  • The future of accessible financial services
  • What steps marketers can take to start the process at your own firm

This is a free event. Registration is required. The event will be recorded and a video replay will be posted on this page later that day.



Aaron LenehanPanelist

Executive Director, Head of Experience Design

Morgan Stanley

Aaron is currently Executive Director, Head of Firm-wide User Experience Design at Morgan Stanley. In this capacity Aaron leads a team of design professionals responsible for setting the standards of customer facing experience design and digital branding. With his 30 years’ experience across marketing, technology start-ups and financial sectors, Aaron draws on his expertise to deliver engaging customer centric digital solutions. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Aaron was head of Global Digital Marketing Transformation at MetLife, where he supported the development of the firm’s global direct-to-consumer digital programs, and roll-out of the firms rebranding efforts. Aaron began his career working for creative design studios in Dublin, London and New York.

Dominic MaherPanelist

Digital Accessibility Consultant

J.P. Morgan

Dominic Maher has been working in accessibility for over 12 years, with roughly half that time spent working on accessible design systems in the Finance sector. As an ex screen reader developer and user trainer, he brings insight to the challenge of accessible design at the level of both the user and the corporation.

Stuart BlairPanelist

Accessibility Product Manager

With a background in helping to create inclusive products, Stuart has a keen interest in removing barriers through the use of innovative and inclusive technology to provide equal access for everyone.  Throughout Stuart’s career, he has worked alongside large government bodies, small start-up businesses, and everything in between.  He cares deeply about unlocking everyone’s full potential and believes inclusive technology is a great enabler.
Ahmed YearwoodModerator



Ahmed Yearwood is the owner and founder of Y INTERACT, a creative group specializing in interactive design and video production. In 2019, Ahmed joined Princeton University to oversee user experience design of applications that empower students, faculty and staff with accessible information, digital tools and resources.


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