Asset Managers Get Rated & Ranked for Brand & Digital Know-How

Global marketing agency Living Group returned to the FCS stage in New York for the third annual presentation of its proprietary research on the brand and digital intelligence of asset managers. Living CEO Kate Shaw presented topline findings from their report, called Living Ratings (available for free download here). She then moderated a panel with senior marketers each representing a firm that ranked in the Top 5 in Living’s study.  They were:

  • Susan Canavari, Global Head of Brand Experience Development, J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management
  • Merry Fish, VP, Brand Strategy, PIMCO
  • Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Global Head of Digital, Legg Mason
  • Jennifer Manser O’Rourke, Head of Marketing & Communications, Americas, Schroders

Shaw noted, “There’s clear evidence that the determined firms have continued to invest in strengthening their brands and digital footprints; however, for many other asset managers, it's a case of one step forward, two steps back.” She explained that for 2019, the agency modified their criteria to place a sharper focus on the expression of each asset manager’s brand and values, as well as evidence of the firm keeping pace with the rapidly evolving social digital arena. The result was dramatic change in the ranking of many of 2018’s leading firms. Shaw concluded, “Firms that rely on talking about numbers have lost out to those asset managers who really help their audiences understand what makes their brands differentiated and valuable partners.”