FCS Remembers Wish Kid Chloe ‘Neva’ Watts

In January 2017, the FCS staged our 18th Annual FCS Race for Kids Marketing Summit & Charity Ski Weekend in Stowe, Vermont. Every year, the highlight of the event is hearing from representatives and families from the three children’s charities we support: Hope & Heroes Columbia University Medical Center, Downey Side Adoption Agency, and Make-A-Wish Vermont. That year, the Make-A-Wish presentation was delivered by Chloe ‘Neva’ Watts, a Wish Kid who became a Wish Ambassador. Her wish was to meet President Obama, which became a high point of her life.

Race for Kids was her first speaking role for Make-A-Wish – she was dynamic, smart, and so likeable – and she’d go on to give many more talks, sharing her story and praising the important role MAW played in her life.

Last Saturday, Chloe was flying home to Vermont to be with her parents. On the flight, she went to sleep and never woke up. Efforts to revive her failed. Her mom & dad were at her bedside when she passed away just before midnight.

Meeting our Wish kids up at Stowe is truly a wonderful experience. Not only do we get to feel the warm satisfaction that our donations are helping kids who so need our help – but each one of them just radiates Hope. They understand their situation, but in their eyes you see only anticipation for tomorrow – another day – a chance for more of life.

This is what Chloe experienced, this is what she gave. If you’d like to learn more about Chloe, here’s a link to her video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_0zNcF5O0c

Please keep Chloe and her family in your prayers. And keep Hope in your thoughts.