Effective September 1, 2023 (the start of our fiscal year), we are instituting a new membership pricing structure that will lower the annual dues for individual members, provide discounts to companies with at least 3 members, and offer a new benefits package to companies through a newly constituted Corporate Membership tier.

Already discounted dues for our Young Members Circle (age 39 and under) and members in transition (“MITs”) will also be further reduced.

New Tier: Corporate Membership

We now offer three tiers for Corporate Membership ($5,000; $7,500; $10,000); each level covers an unlimited number of employees. [Note: employees are responsible to create individual profiles on the FCS website to activate their benefits.]

Benefits include:

  • Complimentary attendance at all members-only virtual events (live or on-demand)
  • Discounted ticket pricing to all in-person events across the country
  • Complimentary participation in the FCS Mentoring program (mentors / mentees)
  • Discounted entry fee for the FCS Portfolio Awards 2023 competition, including one free entry
  • Opportunity to nominate one judge for the FCS Portfolio Awards 2023 competition
  • Opportunity to post thought leadership to the FCS Knowledge Center / Industry Insights webpage
  • Networking opportunities through our community
  • Financial support of the FCS philanthropic mission

In addition, each Corporate Membership receives a number of complimentary event tickets based on pricing tier:

  • $10,000: 35 Event Tickets or a Half-Table Sponsorship (5 tickets) at the FCS Portfolio Gala (May 2, 2024)
  • $7,500: 20 Event Tickets or 4 tickets at the FCS Portfolio Gala (May 2, 2024)
  • $5,000: 10 Event Tickets or 2 tickets at the FCS Portfolio Gala (May 2, 2024)

Event tickets can be used at any content-based event (i.e., Breakfasts, Luncheons, Cocktails with Content receptions) in any location. Tickets must be used during the term of the Corporate Membership, which is 12 months from date of payment.

Company logo will appear under Corporate Members on the Community webpage on the FCS website.

To begin your corporate membership, please contact FCS Admin Coordinator Marisa Jago.

New Tier: Community Partner

Previously labeled “Corporate Members,” the new tier of Community Partners recognizes those companies who sign up at least 3 employees and receive a discount on their individual memberships. We apply a sliding scale based on the number of employees; YMC discounts would further lower the group’s total membership dues. These prices have been lowered for 2023-2024.

  • 3-10 employees              $175 each / YMC: $75 each
  • 11-20 employees            $150 each / YMC: $50 each
  • 21-30 employees            $125 each / YMC: $25 each

For more than 30 employees, we recommend an upgrade to a Corporate Membership.

Company logo will appear under Community Partners on the Community webpage on the FCS website.

To begin or renew your Community Sponsorship, please contact FCS Admin Coordinator Marisa Jago.

NOTE: For both Corporate Members and Community Partners, membership for each employee will expire 12 months from date of payment by the company, regardless of when the employee activates their membership. Companies can replace/transfer membership during the course of the year when an employee leaves the firm. No full or partial refunds.

Individual Members

New and renewed annual memberships will now be priced at $195. For members age 39 and under, the annual Young Members Circle membership is now $95. Members in Transition can enjoy special membership benefits for only $75 (see below). Individual memberships can be purchased on our website: https://thefcs.org/become-a-member

FCS Membership Benefits


FCS Membership will give you exclusive access to our 4th season of FCS MOVES, our Members Only Virtual Event Series, a full-year of 30-minute online conversations with CMO-level executives at the nation’s leading financial and fintech brands. We are guaranteeing at least 10 events through August 2024, and only members will be able to view them live and access the video recordings. [Members can also access recordings from the 3rd season of MOVES on a rolling 12-month basis.]


Members can buy discounted tickets to all in-person events across the country. FCS Chapters are currently active in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, and plans are in development to again stage events in Charlotte, San Francisco and Denver. We are also exploring opportunities in Austin, Seattle, Toronto and Washington, D.C. We welcome members looking to serve on event committees for any of these locations to contact FCS CEO Kevin Windorf to get involved.


This year members will have access to video recordings and excerpts of presentations from select in-person events, which will be posted on Vimeo. Our goal is to provide access to our exclusive content to members who work outside of the market of a given in-person event.


All members will be invited to participate in our exclusive Mentoring program, launching its 5th season in September. You’ll have the opportunity to enroll as a mentor or mentee, selecting your partner based on career or topic interests.


Membership in the FCS allows you to participate on committees (virtually and in-person) in all chapters across the country. Committee participation is a required path for appointment to leadership positions, whether in a regional chapter or on our national Board of Directors.


All members have access to our downloadable Member Directory, available on our website.


As a member of the FCS, you help drive our philanthropic mission. Since 2000, we have donated more than $2.9 million to more than 50 children’s charities. We have announced a target of an additional $100,000 by May 2024. Your membership is critical to the success of this mission.


As part of our Community focus, the FCS is committed to helping our members (employees and employers) find the best possible career connections through our organization. In addition to our free Jobs Bank on our website, we invite those who are between jobs and actively looking for their next opportunity to enroll or renew their annual membership for only $75. Full membership benefits apply, plus attendance at up to 6 select events per year is free. We also encourage MITs to participate in our Mentoring program.

Thank you for your continued support of the FCS. Your participation in our membership programs and attendance at our events have allowed our organization to remain viable as we continue to fulfill our role as the only national community and not-for-profit organization for financial marketing, communications and media professionals.

Should you have any questions, please contact FCS CEO Kevin Windorf.