Mobile: The Financial Management Sidekick

On June 14th, the FCS and Pandora hosted an evening event at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery on the topic “Mobile & The Financial Marketer.” Bringing together a crowd of more than 60 industry stakeholders and influencers, the event included an insightful panel discussion on how best to target, breakthrough, measure and win today's mobile-engaged audience.

The panel discussion was led by Susan Panico, SVP, Strategic Solutions at Pandora and featured:

  • Christine Bensen, SVP Media Strategy, iCrossing
  • Leila Chism, VP of Media and Sponsorships, Charles Schwab 
  • Eric Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer, Personal Capital




Here are some key takeaways from the panel's discussion:

  • Mobile is king – Majority would rather they lose their wallet than their phone.
  • User attention is at an all-time low, but wanting to capture attention is at an all-time high.
  • Match cross-platform spending with user experience – follow them wherever they are in order to speak to them authentically.
  • Lack of ROI on mobile is holding the industry back from fully leveraging the platform.
  • Importance of fundamentals – Know where mobile fits within your business funnel and have a message that appeals to the buyer.
  • Tap into resources – Leverage experts to develop content in real-time based on actual interests.
  • Conversions and lead generation – Take a simplistic approach and capture only the necessary baseline data you need.
  • The battle between video, display and audio – for a more engaging mobile experience, combining video and audio create greater impact.
  • Study the buying journey of your consumer and understand it.