New Year Message from FCS West President Pete Matthews

From FCS West President Pete Matthews, Seeking Alpha:

Happy New Year from FCS West!  As you’ll see from some of the events listed below, we’re super excited about what 2017 has in store for FCS in the West.  First off, you’ll notice that we’ve already got our SF calendar together.  We are thrilled to have our breakfast events lined up for the year and to be able to share them with you – mark your calendars for our breakfast panels on 3/29, 4/27, 9/12, and 10/3.  We hope you’ll add these dates and topics to your calendars now and join us for all of them.

We’re also pleased to announce that FCS West will be hosting events in both Denver and LA this year, so you’ll notice that we’ll begin referring to ourselves as FCS SF, FCS Denver, and FCS LA depending on the market.  If you or your colleagues are interested in joining us for events in either Denver or LA, please do let me know and we’ll be happy to include them in the relevant mailing lists to keep everyone in the loop.  And as if that weren’t enough, we are planning our first event in Silicon Valley this year as well as a variety of evening events throughout the year, so it’s going to be a busy one for us!

We also have sponsorships available for SF, Denver, and LA, so if you’re interested in getting your organization involved either as an annual sponsor or a single event sponsor, please contact me (415-378-7898 or [email protected]) and I’d be more than happy to help you find the best option for you.

We’ve also got a number of other things up our sleeves for the coming year and we look forward to a great year.


A New Era for FinTech – and Banking
The Office of the Controller of the Currency announced last month that it would begin accepting applications from FinTech companies seeking to obtain a federal bank charter. Firms eligible for the charter must either lend money, issue checks or receive deposits.

As the OCC pushes ahead, our panel will feature institutions of different sizes discussing:

  • Who stands to gain – and to lose?
  • How will traditional banks rediscover their customers, and how will FinTech players scale their operations while maintaining a high-touch service?
  • What service innovations can customers expect?

FT Bank Image Study
The Financial Times publishes a comprehensive global study of bank image from the perspective of their most important clients. Survey author and FT Director of Research Daniel Rothman will share insights on:

  • Bank image favorability – globally and by geography
  • Most desired capabilities from the perspective of M&A, Capital Raising, and Treasury clients
  • Factors that impact client retention positively and negatively.

Content Marketing
The “mainstreaming” of sponsored content, once seen as an alternative to traditional marketing techniques, has made it more difficult than ever for financial players to stand out from the crowd. Our panel will dive into the evolution of content marketing in more-traditional financial services and FinTech, including:

  • Examples of industry best practices
  • Determining role of content in your organization 
  • What constitutes success and how is it measured
  • How today’s marketers are restructuring around their content organization.

The emergence of programmatic has caused the complete rethinking of marketing organizations amid a flurry of new vendors, operating models and platforms. While opinions vary on the value of programmatic versus traditional display advertising, nobody can dispute its growing role in Financial Services marketing plans … and budgets. Our panel will uncover:

  • The appropriate role of programmatic in the marketing mix
  • The greatest challenges of programmatic, and recommended approaches
  • How financial are marketers reorganizing their in-house and external agency teams to establish best practices for programmatic.