Private Advisor Group’s Berta Aldrich to Lead FCS Philadelphia

Private Advisor Group (PAG), a leading advisor platform supporting more than 650 independent advisors and over $19 billion in AUM, announced today that Berta Aldrich, their Chief Marketing Officer. has been named the President of the Philadelphia Regional Chapter of the Financial Communications Society (FCS), a national not-for-profit industry association for financial marketers.

The increased focus on the Philadelphia region, home to some of the largest financial services firms in the U.S., will help drive the FCS’s mission of improving professional standards in financial marketing communications through community, education and philanthropy. 

“As one of the largest financial services regions in the country, Philadelphia will have a dedicated FCS team to create an engaged community of marketing professionals who celebrates, educates and inspires best-in-class strategic marketing within their organization.  It is an honor and privilege to support my fellow marketers and FCS Philadelphia in this new role,” says Berta Aldrich, Chief Marketing Officer at Private Advisor Group and the new President of the Financial Communications Society Philadelphia Regional Chapter.

The FCS hosts more than 50 events nationwide where financial marketers have access to industry-leading ideas, the latest in marketing research and insight from financial services’ top marketers.  The FCS hosts the industry’s largest celebration of marketing excellence through the annual FCS Portfolio Awards, and recognizes stand-out financial marketers and their executives with the FCS Financial Marketer of the Year Award and the FCS Jamie E. DePeau Leadership Award. Berta Aldrich was the inaugural recipient of the FCS Jamie E. DePeau Leadership Award in 2016.

Philadelphia-area companies that have won past awards include Lincoln Financial, Citi, MassMutual, Prudential, Brighthouse Financial, E*TRADE, Bank of America, Merrill, TD Bank, Aberdeen Asset Management and FS Investments. The FCS’s philanthropic mission supports seven children’s charities across the U.S., raising more than $2.6 million since 2000.

“The FCS has had great success creating communities that inspire marketing excellence across the nation.  We look forward to Berta and her team bringing that same level of best-in-class leadership to Philadelphia, where there is a large constituency of financial services firms and marketers that will benefit from the increased commitment of FCS's local presence,” said Kevin Windorf, CEO, Financial Communications Society.

The Philadelphia FCS steering committee will also be led by Vice President Ed Nini, Principal Global Investors; Donna MacFarland, Accelerate Strategies; Nate Anderson, FS Investments; Patty Quinn McAuley, Clark Capital; Linda Bachofer, Penn Mutual; Troy Bausinger, The Philadelphia Inquirer; and Jennifer Pouchot.