Research: “The State of the American Worker”

Logica Research, in collaboration with InnovateMR and Women in Research, recently released a new study, “The State of the American Worker.” The findings provide current insights into Americans’ financial, emotional and working lives during the continued impact of COVID-19. The study looked at employment trends and job satisfaction, as well as at the gender divide that is emerging as the pandemic continues.

“It is vital for brands right now to keep up with the rapidly changing needs, attitudes and perceptions of their customers and employees,” says Lilah Raynor, CEO of Logica Research. “We launched this study to help shed light on these needs, attitudes and perceptions of American workers to help brands deepen customer engagement.”

The State of the American Worker study from June 2020 uncovered some key insights on how workers are being affected by COVID-19:

  • One quarter of Americans were furloughed (16%) or laid off (9%), and almost half (46%) are working less. Sixty-seven percent are satisfied with their employer, with 23% experiencing increased satisfaction with their employer during COVID-19, while 14% report decreased satisfaction.
  • Lower-income workers (household income <$75,000/year) report less confidence in the future, with only 13% feeling very optimistic, and those in this group have been laid off or furloughed to a greater degree (33%) than those with household income levels above $75,000 (17%).
  • Forty-four percent of Americans report that COVID-19 has impacted their work, and 29% have had to reduce work hours to care for children. A gender divide is emerging as well. For example, those who have both school-aged children and a partner report that women (55%) are primarily responsible for helping with school activities, versus 24% of men.
  • Women report a higher emotional toll from COVID-19, and are more likely to feel overwhelmed (39% for women; 26% for men), have trouble sleeping (35% women; 26% men), overeat (33% for women; 26% men) and have difficulty focusing (31% women; 22% men).

View the entire results deck of the State of the American Worker study here.

These results build on the ongoing Logica Future of Money studies, proprietary research that tracks the future of money and the future of work to inform product and service development in the financial industry.

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