September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Through our annual Race for Kids charity ski weekend, the FCS has been supporting Hope & Heroes since 2000.  We're proud to partner with the team at Columbia Medical Center during the month of September to help focus much needed attention on Childhood Cancer.

Here's their important message:


Hope & Heroes focuses on much more than just the immediate fight against pediatric cancer and blood disorders. We work with a team at Columbia to create a treatment experience that gives patients the best chance to over their disease without missing out on their childhoods. Thanks to our generous supporters, every patient receives the highest quality of care, including cutting-edge treatments and comprehensive wellness services offered at no additional charge. Some of these programs include:

Innovative treatment. We support the Developmental Therapeutics Program—the only one of its type in the tri-state area—that offers patients access to new and emerging therapies and clinical trials in the earliest stages of testing.

Integrative medicine. We fund the Integrative Therapies Program, which offers acupuncture, aromatherapy, Reiki, meditation, yoga, and other approaches to help ease the side effects throughout cancer treatment and beyond.

Life after treatment. Our Survivor Wellness Program provides patients and their families with continues medical care and support services to help with long-term effects of treatment so that every patient can live productive & rewarding lives.

Greatest Needs. Almost half of our patient families demonstrate financial need. Hope & Heroes ensures that every child we treat receives the highest caliber of care—regardless of families’ ability to pay.

The FCS invites you and your company to support Hope & Heroes directly.  Please visit their website to learn how.