Solving the Brand Story for J.P. Morgan Asset Management

When Jaime Kalfus spoke at the FCS’ February luncheon in New York City, she entitled her talk “Solving Our Brand Story” – which was a clear nod to the new tagline of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, “Let’s Solve It.”  As the firm’s Global Head of Brand Experience, Jaime had shepherded an internal brand review process that involved a detailed Brand Asset / Valuator Study, an approach created by WPP.  The study measures Brand Strength (Energized Differentiation/Relevance) against Brand Stature (Esteem/Knowledge).  Jaime described “Relevance” as the overlap between a brand’s agenda (“what you want to say”) and your clients’ needs (“what they’re interested in”).

Using the study’s findings, Jaime’s goal was to help J.P. Morgan build a powerful brand for its asset management business to specifically drive growth.  In doing so, the brand would serve multiple purposes, including:

  • A promise to clients
  • A clear set of expectations
  • A buffer in challenging times
  • A way to inspire and motivate
  • A source of employee pride
  • A valuable asset

Jaime’s work resulted in the development of a new value proposition for the brand: “We help build stronger portfolios to solve real client needs.”  This positioning led to the tagline, “Let’s Solve It,” which J.P. Morgan Asset Management has been actively using in the print and digital marketplace.

At the luncheon, Financial Planning served as Presenting Sponsor, and table sponsors included Bloomberg Media, Barron’s, and The Wall Street Journal.  Tweets and photos from the event can be found on Twitter at #FCSlunch from February 23.