WEBINAR REPLAY and RECAP: “Brand to Demand in Financial Services”


Thought leadership is a critical tool for financial services marketers. The question is, How do you get your thought leadership to break through?

When original content is delivered to a highly engaged audience on LinkedIn, financial services brands can establish themselves as authentic thought leaders and anchors of trust while realizing the benefits of a full-funnel marketing solution.

State Street Global Advisors has been able to consistently break through and forge a loyal following in this challenging environment. State Street Global Advisors has five simple rules of engagement when it comes to thought leadership:

  1. Focus on client needs or concerns
  2. Have a differentiated perspective
  3. Be authentic
  4. Be credible
  5. Treat your audience like people

Brand to Demand in Financial Services, our recent virtual event featured Liz Kiehm, Head of Social Media, State Street Global Advisors'​ SPDR ETFs, and agency partner Amy Ricketts, Senior Account Director, EMI Strategic Marketing. In a wide-ranging discussion, Liz and Amy connected the dots from thought leadership to lead generation, sharing how they've driven success for State Street from brand to demand. Watch the replay here.

At the heart of State Street’s success is a commitment to authenticity and originality. Influencers Mike Arone and Matt Bartolini manage to break down complex ideas into engaging and informative thought leadership. Their content provides a unique perspective that captures the audience’s attention and drives awareness on industry topics.

Rounding out the panel discussion was Mike Katz, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Financial Services Vertical, LinkedIn, who shared his expertise in activating targeted campaigns on social media.

The panel was moderated by FCS CEO Kevin Windorf.