YMC Talks Video Marketing from All Angles

The Young Members Circle kicked off 2017 with a reception hosted by IAB, featuring a panel discussion on one of the sustained trends and most important mediums in the future of marketing – digital video. The panel brought together perspectives from across the broad video landscape to share a 360 degree view into the opportunity for financial marketers.  Panelists included:

  • Jeremy Cohn, Vice President – Global Marketing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Joe Puglisi, Director of Creative Strategy, BuzzFeed
  • Santiago Pochat, SVP, Digital Media and Video, Edelman
  • Tod Loofbourrow, CEO, ViralGains

The panel was moderated by Daniel Marin, Executive Content Producer at Ogilvy. Daniel prompted discussion with questions on the continued growth prospects for video marketing, the use of different video formats, long-form vs. new ‘non-skippable’ 5 second formats, and how the video space overall can apply to financial marketers. The panelists' individual perspectives broke down insightful details of each area of video marketing, including content and social media (Joe Puglisi from Buzzfeed), agency (Santiago Pochat from Edelman), technology and distribution (Tod Loofbourrow from ViralGains) and brand (Jeremy Cohn from Bank of America Merrill Lynch). The conversation progressed into a holistic dialogue on the best uses of video today, as well as strategies for effectively positioning clients with an aspiring creative product that will also accomplish marketing objectives.

Reported by Luke Willoughby, Prosek Partners