New York

CoinDesk: Event Marketing & Business Development

CoinDesk is the #1 media company in the hypergrowth world of blockchain & digital assets. We help seasoned professionals and those who are brand new stay current on the evolving industry, giving them the smart content they need to make the decisions that impact their businesses. CoinDesk reaches tens of millions of people around the world and thousands of people attend our Consensus global events every year.

We are seeking an event marketing & business development expert to execute on marketing and partnerships for all of our events, including Consensus and Blockchain Week, Consensus: Invest, and other regional events that we are working on.

Top Reasons to Work for CoinDesk:

  • We are the #1 media & events company dedicated to blockchain
  • Opportunity to influence the direction of the company and our voice externally
  • Be a part of a rapidly growing company in a sector that everybody is trying to understand

As part of the CoinDesk team, you will:

  • Develop a marketing & narrative plan for each event
  • Manage various aspects of the marketing plan, including email and advertising
  • Work on business development deals to find partners that are incentivized to sell tickets to various events
  • Talk to the audience about what they are most interested in learning about
  • Help support other marketing & business development initiatives to help CoinDesk grow overall

Skills to have:

  • Strong marketing copywriting
  • Business development experience
  • A self-starter with the ability to work independently as well as with others
  • The ability to manage multiple projects and balance the needs of various events in different stages of launch
  • Impeccable grammar and writing skills: you don’t need to be edited

About the Culture:

CoinDesk is a quickly growing company with incredible ambition. We care about the work that we do and about our mission to inform and educate the blockchain community. You will have an immediate impact on the growth of CoinDesk. At our growth stage, it is important that you can communicate fearlessly across departments and offer support even if it falls outside the job description. Ultimately, we are a close-knit team that takes huge pride in the opportunity we have. We want you to join us.

This role reports to CoinDesk’s VP of Events.