Sheri Gilchrist, Chief Marketing Officer of MissionSquare Retirement


On August 3, 2023, we were joined by Sheri Gilchrist, Chief Marketing Officer at MissionSquare Retirement. Sheri has long been a supporter of the FCS through her senior marketing leadership positions at firms such as BNY Mellon, Prudential and Morgan Stanley. Her roots are in data and analytics, beginning at American Express and progressed to working at highly respected marketing services agencies such as Epsilon and Merkle. Sheri is the epitome of a “modern marketer” with her data orientation influencing her work as a Chief Marketing Officer.

That focus on data drew her to MissionSquare Retirement. MissionSquare was formed back in 1972 as a result of a $50,000 grant from the Ford Foundation in 1972. Originally known as ICMA-RC, MissionSquare serves the retirement needs of those in the public sector: firefighters, police officers, health care workers and government officials, among others. They provide financial solutions and financial education to public sector employees, many of whom retire early (52 years old on average) enabling them to retire safely and comfortably.

The stark reality of the $1.3 trillion retirement savings gap inspires Sheri and her team of marketing and communications professionals to develop communications that are easier to understand, as well as to improve savings and spending habits. Their work on Capitol Hill helped influence regulation and reform, enabling their constituents to get better access to their savings and to help with their overall financial wellness. One of their great successes is increasing the number of states where financial education is mandated in schools (Connecticut is one of 30 states).

One of the attractions to her role at MissionSquare Retirement is that Sheri has a seat at the table as the Marketing leader and helps influence strategy. Moving forward, she is looking forward to having a greater impact on educating public sector workers and enabling their clients to attract top talent to public sector work.

Reported by Tom Jago, FCS Vice Chair

The FCS completes its third full season of our popular Members Only Virtual Event Series (FCS MOVES) with another first-time interview. On August 3rd, we’ll be talking with Sheri Gilchrist, Chief Marketing Officer of MissionSquare Retirement, which she joined in 2021. Sheri’s prior marketing experience includes executive positions at PGIM, BNY Mellon and Morgan Stanley. Sheri and her team won 2 Gold trophies at this year’s FCS Portfolio Gala for MissionSquare’s Web Video and Paid Social Media work.

Founded in 1972, MissionSquare Retirement is a financial services company with more than $68B average assets under management and administration, 1.8 million participants, and approximately 9,300 plan sponsors, as of February 2023. The company has helped more than three million people working in public service retire confidently and is focused on delivering retirement plans, investment options, and personalized guidance exclusively to the public service sector.

Sheri will be interviewed by FCS Vice Chair Tom Jago of The Ward Group. The live, virtual half-hour conversation begins at 12 noon ET.

In gratitude to Sheri, the FCS will make a $1,000 donation to the children’s charity of her choice: Inspiring Girls USA.

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Guest Speaker Sheri Gilchrist

Chief Marketing Officer

As MissionSquare Retirement’s Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Operating Committee, Sheri leads brand, marketing, corporate communications, digital and marketing operations to deliver retirement and financial wellness solutions for the public sector workforce. Throughout her career, Sheri has been dedicated to addressing the saving and retirement needs of the global workforce through education, advocacy, […]

Interviewer Tom Jago

Managing Director

Tom Jago is Managing Director at The Ward Group, which he joined in 1999.