Reaching Financial Advisors in a noisy media landscape

Ptarmigan Media recently conducted an in-depth analysis of five industry sources, proprietary benchmarks, and data from four leading publishers in the financial services space to identify key themes affecting the Financial Advisor (FA) audience. The objective was to identify steps that brands can take to future-proof media plans going into 2023.

Key takeaways include:

  • From a macro perspective, there is more noise than ever before. Topics such as rising inflation and geopolitical turmoil are driving an increase in conversations as FAs continue to face challenges in adjusting to changes in a complex and competitive landscape – and there are more sources than ever for FAs to process.
  • The noise is driving a rush to safety with increased interest in recession proofing and navigating economic disruptors. FAs are over-consuming content to stay up-to-date on the latest market intelligence, leading to engagement trending downward.
  • Implications for media include looking for white space opportunities, such as snackable video. Educational content that aids FAs in servicing their clients is key as they look to drive value wherever they can. There are also differences in RIA (registered investment advisor), IBD (independent broker-dealer), and wirehouse habits to consider in creating a tailored media approach.

The key to rapid breakthrough in a state of constant change is developing nimble strategies that allow for quick pivots based on advisor sentiment, while building trust and credibility. Rather than focusing on the now, brands can adopt a future-forward content approach that’s responsive to the marketplace to deliver value.

This image illustrates how crowded the media landscape is and how many different sources advisors look to in making decisions. Understanding the landscape can help brands think strategically about stand out moments amid the clutter. It also highlights media fragmentation. FAs are turning to multiple sources to fact-check information. It’s important to be strategic with media placements and to leverage the unique value each publisher brings to the FA audience.

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