FCS Financial Marketer of the Year

FCS Financial Marketer of the Year

The FCS Financial Marketer of the Year Award recognizes innovation, creativity and impact in the financial services marketplace, and rewards the marketer and the marketing leader responsible.

The 2018 Award will celebrate a strong marketer and the marketing executive who have provided an inspiring example of how marketing and communications can advance a firm’s business objectives and elevate the standard for exceptional work in the marketplace.

Submissions are now being accepted for the 13th Annual FCS Financial Marketer of the Year Award.




At a Gala dinner on Thursday, November 29th, the FCS will present the Financial Marketer of the Year award to the senior executive whose leadership set the bar higher in 2018.  We will honor the overall winner and the first two runners-up.

Nomination & Evaluation

Any marketer from an eligible financial services entity may be nominated regardless of FCS membership. Eligible financial services entities include: banks, credit card companies, securities firms, financial advisors, discount brokers, exchanges, financial information companies, mutual funds, ETFs or other investment instruments, asset management companies, accounting firms, insurance products and services (excluding health insurance). Individuals can nominate themselves and multiple individuals can be nominated from (distinct business units) within one organization.

All nominations are evaluated by a panel of independent, distinguished financial services marketing experts. The Award is chosen by this panel based upon a submitted case study detailing the effective execution of marketing communications plans that achieved clearly stated objectives linked to quantitative and qualitative results. The panel is tasked with rating submissions in terms of demonstrated excellence in the following areas, in order of importance:

  1. Strong Results: Directly related to objectives, quantitative (not anecdotal) evidence
  2. Clear Strategy: Defining the campaign objectives, target, benefit and insight
  3. Consistent Execution: Aligned with strategy, applied consistently across all executions

Strong submissions articulate a compelling case for the difficulty of the challenge (e.g., larger competitor, smaller budget, tight timing, bad PR), and results that are specifically driven by marketing as opposed to other factors (e.g., innovative product, resurgent economy).  The Award places its emphasis on Big Ideas and Big Results, not necessarily Big Budgets.

In the spirit of peer-to-peer professional recognition, there are no fees required of any entrant.

This year's Financial Marketer of the Year Committee is chaired by:

Any questions on the Award, the Nomination Process or the Gala can be sent to

Past Winners

  • 2017   Ally Financial; Andrea (Riley) Brimmer
  • 2016   Prudential; Niharika Shah
  • 2015   Citi; Elyssa Gray
  • 2014   Edward Jones; Brad Iversen
  • 2013   TD Bank; Vinoo Vijay
  • 2012   Prudential; Colin McConnell
  • 2011   Liberty Mutual; Paul Alexander
  • 2010   MetLife; Beth Hirschhorn
  • 2009   Fidelity Investments; Jim Speros
  • 2008   E*Trade; Nick Utton
  • 2007   Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management; Rich Aneser
  • 2006   Smith Barney; Barbara Glasser


This year's Judging Day host sponsor is CNN Money.


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